Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Not Cy-Fair, but... West Houston anyway

Inner West Mobility Study Meeting, December 11, 2012

I was highly disappointed to see that Bicyclist comments concerning San Felipe Rd. from Briar Oaks Lane to Willowick were not taken into account in the study draft. This currently challenging section of road could be a good conduit for cyclists coming from W. Alabama, and Willowick who wish to journey onwards to Memorial Park, the NW Transit Center, or the Galleria. The study draft concludes that this stretch of road has only motor and pedestrian factors.

One only observes motorized traffic and minor ped traffic because the road is so badly done. Demand is artificially suppressed. There is potential for bicycle utilization along this route, which is obvious to anyone who has taken up the challenge to ride it in its current condition. It is a gem in the rough.

I hope the authors will take another look at their report and write bicycles into the story. At the very least I insist that the writers of the document make 110% certain that sidewalk mitigations on both sides of San Felipe are recommended, so that the Briar Oaks Lane to Willowick bicycle journey can be made safely and slowly on the sidewalk; something we League of American Bicyclists Cycling Instructors do not recommend routinely, but sometimes it is the only way.

{Why I attended... I wanted to see how the COH would address the problem of bicycle connectivity across I-610, the West Loop. They didn't address it}

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